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Students located anywhere in the world can answer a few questions about their grades, language scores, skills and interests, and more; And by using software-algorithm, the AHA platform will match them with programs and institutions they are eligible to study in. When they are ready, they can apply to your expatriate organisation.


Search Unlimited

You can search for your dream course out of 80000+ courses from 28 countries worldwide. You can make your search country-wise, Institute-wise, Category / Sub-Category-wise, or even Course-wise.


Apply Filters

To refine your search, you can apply filters like qualification achieved, IELT score, grades, etc.


Drill-Down Further

You can further drill down the search by selecting the range of course-fee, provinces, and duration of the course you want to pursue.


Course Details

You can view complete details of the course including required qualifications, grades, exams, application fee, tuition fee, duration, and other relevant information.

Can't visit our office? Don't worry we'll bring the office to you!

Our commitment to helping you achieve your study abroad study is not limited to the place of work and the four walls, it is much stronger than that. Your comfort is our priority and so is the dream of studying abroad.

To ensure that you stay safe at your home, we have started our face-to-face counselling sessions online.

Now, you can also get in touch with our international education experts and continue working on your dream study abroad program.


Know the Institute

You can browse for thorough knowledge about the institute including its official-video presentation, world ranking, national ranking, how old it is, where it is located, and much more.


Raise Enquiries

To know something more, which might have not been mentioned over here, you can raise enquires or ask any relevant question. Our experts would revert to you with the answer at the earliest possible.


Book Video-Counselling Session

You can even book a video-counselling session with our overseas education experts to consult face-to-face for your queries. And a video-counselling would be arranged accordingly.


Apply for the Course

After getting your queries answered, you can apply to the course directly from AHA Overseas Course Finder. And you can also seek financial guidance, like education-loan, etc. from us along with the application.


Regular Touch

We assign a Personal Relationship (PR) Manager to you who remains in regular touch with you through video calls or otherwise and helps you throughout the journey to your dream destination.

At the backend, we are more efficient and prompter to perform with the help of this amazing tech platform – the Course Finder.

Unlike other overseas consultants, who still work under the obsolete system and can cause you loss, even the loss of opportunity to you; we are fully equipped with a smart, high-tech, fool-proof student support system. We have the course finder - which automatically streamlines everything on our part - so that we can provide you with a PERFECT service that could enable you to achieve your goal.

Know more About Us

What is AHA Overseas?

AHA Overseas is an organisation devoted to the field of Overseas Education and Career Consultancy. It is empowered by a state-of-the-art ed-tech platform - the COMPASS Course Finder - that helps you apply to universities around the world and study abroad. As one of the genuine overseas education consultants, we support you every step of the way, saving both time and money.

Why choose AHA Overseas?

80,000+ Courses | 700+ Universities | Great Tie-ups Abroad | COMPASS Course Finder

What are our services?

There are many benefits to joining the AHA Overseas family

  • We have a virtual office, where you can Search Unlimited Courses, Learn about Institutions and Courses, Apply for the courses online, and Stay updated.
  • Personal Career Counselling through Video Counselling.
  • Dedicated student counsellors to help you during your studies while traveling abroad.
  • Get answers to all your study abroad questions with caring customer care support.
  • Join a bigger community of students who are aspiring to study abroad after 12th standard or graduation.
  • Participate in exclusive webinars organised by our study abroad consultants.
  • Choose from 80,000+ courses.
  • Get personalised university recommendations in no time.
  • Get your application documents evaluated faster (SOP, LOR, Resume, etc.).
  • Apply for scholarships, get loans, and other financial aid to study abroad.
  • Prepare for your University/Visa interview and get instant constructive feedback.

What are the best countries to study abroad?

Top study abroad countries: Study in the UK | Study in the USA | Study in Canada | Study in Australia | Study in New Zealand | Study in Hungary

What are the top universities in the world to study abroad?

Top study abroad universities: Durham College | Lancaster University | University of Bristol | University of Leeds | University of Manchester | University of Birmingham | LaSalle College | New York Institute of Technology | Arizona State University | American University Washington D.C. | California State University (Los Angeles) | Vancouver Film School.

What are the best courses abroad?

Top courses abroad: Architecture | Business & Management | Chemistry | Computer Science | Design | Economics | Engineering | Journalism | Law | Mathematics | Medicine | Physics | Psychology | Public Administration | Statistics

What study abroad programs are offered by you?

We do help students apply to all the major countries and courses mentioned above, and more.

Which study abroad exams should I prepare for?

Exams to study abroad: IELTS | TOEFL | PTE | DET | ACT | GRE | GMAT | SAT

What’s the study abroad application process?

Learn: How to apply | Letter of Recommendation (LOR) | Essay and Statement of Purpose (SOP) |

Let me know about the finances required for studying abroad.

How to pay for your own education | Scholarships | Student Loans | Part-Time Jobs | Graduate Assistantship

How to apply for a student visa?

Depends on your study abroad destination: Student Visa for the UK | Student Visa for Canada | Student Visa for the USA | Student Visa for Australia | Student Visa for New Zealand | Student Visa for Hungary

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